Jalex Technologies Services

We offer a broad range of information services - from network security to computer repair to website design. We assign technicians based on their experience and understanding of your specific issue or requirement. In all matters, Jalex and it's staff strive to meet your needs quickly, efficiently and affordably.

Service 1

Web Design

Every business needs an up-to-date website. So whether you are planning your very first site or need to freshen an aging site, let us quote the job. We have experience in everything from simple online brochures to e-commerce portals.

Project 2

Network Security

In the age of computer networks security is a critical issue. Of course the level and methods will vary depending on the needs of your business, but no business or home computer user can afford to overlook security.

Project 3

Network Installation

Setting up a network environment takes training and experience. Jalex technicians handle network setups regularly. At home, a proper network installation can be as important as for a business, and the issues are pretty much the same: Who gets access to what? What type of security is required? What limitations are to be placed on the network users?

Project 4

Network Management

A network manager's job is to keep the network running smoothly, to handle changes and upgrades and to make sure network rules are adhered to. Small businesses often outsource this function as most of the work can be handled remotely and the network is small enough not to require constant oversight.

Project 5

Windows Server Implementation

Our goal is to stay abreast of all updates and upgrades so that we are always at the forefront of this technology. Jalex is committed to a fast and scalable solution. Our expertise with Windows Server and our constant attention to every operational detail guarantees you a truly productive experience.

Project 6

Computer Consultation

As experts in networking hardware and software, we can offer you guidance when shopping for new equipment.

Project 7

Computer Repair & Maintenance

We work on all types of PCs – Toshiba, Dell, HP, Sony, etc. - both for business and home users. We understand what it means to have a computer “down” thus our goal is to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

Project 8

System Upgrades

A computer system or network is made up of many individual pieces. When something goes wrong with the network, we often trace the problem to a single piece that has failed. So when your office computers don’t work properly it may be time for some computer hardware upgrades.