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SMART/GLOBE/SUN Posts about flyff leveling guide 1-60 written by mitchmatch. or is that how much dex i should have. Fly around and enjoy your adventure in this Full 3D MMORPG P.S. Once you get a second job, In Flyff Legacy there are currently 3 available classes to choose from when starting your character: Acrobat, Mage, and Mercenary. Is Kelly Loeffler the ultimate gold digger? If there are any questions feel free to ask. will the attack be that much less? Welcome to the Flyff World. im currecntly playing flyff legacy SE ASIA. Hey i am from Flyff US Mocomochi server my blade lvl 85 id is Blake505, i have 132 STR and 64 DEX, its really hard lvling even with RM i only have 3000+ attack (using 2 lusaka swords) any suggestions on levelling? I was assuming Google would give me a notification but it didn't :

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