Contents. Setsuka Heel is Cain Heel's younger sister that is portrayed by Kyoko Mogami. List of Characters. Views Views: 35,293 Last updated Last updated: Aug 29, 2020; Discussion (0) Page History. Soul Calibur 6 Moves List. SC6 Other Mods. Trailer and artwork after the break. 0 Tips. Added: Someone did once say to me that Ivy runs what is known as 'the scrub gauntlet' which is basically, do you know both your character's tools AND the MU well enough to get through the Takeshi's castle style obstacle course that is Ivy keep-out before you're allowed to take a … With this in mind, do you guys think it would be cool for setsuka or … It falls within the same category of easier games. Recommended Moves Autumn Rains (After Reversal Edge) n/a Rating. Setsuka's character is initially created to be a "lucky charm" to her brother, Cain Heel1. But as it progressed, she became a supporting character in Cain Heel's life. Honestly next patch they need to make Ivy 2A+G/B+K come back and impale her in the c*nt on whiff/block. Setsuka was first introduced in SOULCALIBUR III, and her moveset was adopted by Alpha Patroklos in SOULCALIBUR V. Official release date for Setsuka is set for August 4. Combo 4. n/a Rating. As we discover new moves throughout the weekend we’ll be updating this Soul Calibur 6 move list to give you more of an advantage, so check back frequently. 0 Tips. Sophitia - Frame Data - SC6. (Think removing inputs from critical edge, reversal edge, easier inputs on moves overall, less just frames with easier inputs, etc.). Before we dive into the moves of each character, we will go ahead and look at the “Key” which will illustrate what each of the buttons does. Setsuka Soul Calibur 6 moves Overview. Along with Setsuka, also announced was the 2.20 balance update to be released alongside her, as well as the next character creation pack. The Soul Calibur games have a history of guest characters, from The Legend of Zelda's Link in Soul Calibur 2 (if you were playing on GameCube anyway) to Yoda and Darth Vader in Soul Calibur 4. Soul Calibur VI Mods (SCVI_DL)Tira Hair (SCV) ... Lower Chem-pro94 3 0 Demon Fiend - Cas mod ecchigamer 23 2 SC6 Mod - Setsuka No Coat Segadordelinks 16 4 (SCVI_DL)PAN Chem-pro94 8 10 LionCloth - Cas Mod ecchigamer 19 1 Martini - … SOULCALIBUR VI Season Pass 2 Setsuka DLC 11 and DLC 12 Character Creation Set E ... Setsuka SC6 S2 COMBO 9 - Duration: 0:15. iori_q8 4 ... Soulcalibur VI Setsuka Move Lists - … The other notable fighting game from Bandai Namco that debuted new footage was Soulcalibur VI.Season Pass 2’s next DLC character is the returning femme fetale Setsuka … 2020-08-01T03:00:35Z. For more information on the specific fighters, including move lists, backgrounds, strategies, and costumes - click on a character below to learn more. With that being said, SC6 is no outlier. SC6 Other Mods. All Details.

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