Sunfower Harlequin Mixed is a very striking, branching variety with large, bicoloured flowers in rich shades of yellow, orange, brown and rose-pink, the latter being very unusual colour in sunflowers. If you are looking for unusual garden flower seeds that will give your garden a beautiful array of colourful flowers, Chiltern Seeds have a wide range of options that will never fail to impress. Will certainly be back." sunflower seeds Select Your Cookie Preferences We use cookies and similar tools to enhance your shopping experience, to provide our services, understand how customers use our services so we can make improvements, and display ads. The flower heads of ‘Stella Gold’ are surrounded with a halo of spidery ray flowers, while the tiny flowers in the centre are the colour of dark chocolate. £1.49 £ 1. Do not plant out until warmer weather as it is not only frost sensitive but chill sensitive. Soraya has strong sturdy stems with multi flowering over an extended period and ideal for cutting. 'Kiss Me Over the Garden Gate’ Aprx 30 seeds ■●, Germination -- Easy ■ Moderate ■ and Challenging â–, Hardiness - To -5°C җ To -10°C җҗ Fully Hardy җҗҗ, Needs Shady Position ● Sunny Position ● Water Loving ♥. Pentapetes phoenicea - a rare old-world tropics annual that used to be a weed of rice paddy fields. The resulting seeds are usually used … Young plants are green-leaved, but as they mature exposure to direct sunlight stimulates development of purple leaf color. We recommend beautiful and unusual sunflowers to grow. Bees will arrive in their masses to sample the pollen and nectar, while garden birds will appreciate the feast of sunflower seeds in autumn. Pennisetum villosum is actually a tufted perennial but usually grown as an annual grass with linear leaves and feathery, whitish-green panicles turning purple with age. EdenBrothers.Com offers Hundreds of Seed Varieties, Including the Finest and Freshest rare and unusual flower Seeds Anywhere. Other succulents Graptopetalum amethystinum / 20 seeds (Lavender Pebbles, Jewel Leaf Plant) $ 5.95. 'Purple Majesty' is very easy to grow and is very tolerant of heat and low moisture but you should choose a well-drained, sunny site. A good choice for F1 seed performance at a lower price! Historically, the sunflower originated in North America and began to be introduced to Europe in the 1500s. With rich red-chocolate coloured flowers, Helianthus ‘Black Magic’ isn’t the usual yellow sunflower. Bees will arrive in their masses to sample the pollen and nectar, while garden birds will appreciate the feast of sunflower seeds in autumn. I find the plant variable even after years of seed selection and I would advise selecting the best leaf forms before planting out. It is a ground hugging, sun loving, spreading plant which can also be used between flagstones and in dry walls. Little Becka A gorgeous little bicolour sunflower, it only grows to about 90cm tall (3ft) with 15cm (6 inch) flower heads. Sunflower Seeds Colourful Yellow Flowers Easy Grow . See complete description. £1.69. Plectranthus argenteus 'Silver Shield' is a superb silver foliage plant for large borders or patio tubs. They love it hot and dry and you can even plant them in poor, sandy, soil. Conservatory Plants. This pretty half hardy annual mix contains semi-double flowers in various shades of blue, mauve, purple, rose-pink and white. Purple buds are borne on bare branches in late-winter and early-spring which open up to reveal white, star-shaped, almond-scented flowers. Excellent germination and look forward to a bumper crop. Amazon See price. Sow your aubergine seed in early spring (Jan - March). View Details. Lunaria Chedglow is a hardy biennial flowering from April to early May with dark purple leaves, stems seedpods and purple flowers growing to 3ft. Flower seeds - growing flowers from seed is very rewarding, you'll see the young plants quickly sprout and rapidly grow into lovely plants, once you get the hang of it you'll save yourself a lot of money. £1.99. The flowers of this extraordinary field poppy vary in colour from deep burgundy to rose red - and many of the petals are shot through with silvery white. Excellent for planting in drifts and will flower all summer long. P&P: + £1.99 P&P. It will probably need staking to support the heavy heads. SUCCULENT SEEDS Dioscorea elephantipes / 5 seeds (Elephant’s foot, Turtle back plant) $ 5.75. Other options New from £1.99. £8.50. 40. 4.4 out of 5 stars 454. This perennial species enjoys a cooler climate, so is ideally suited to growing in the UK. Add to Wishlist + Quick View. Helianthus Earthwalker Seeds (Sunflower Seeds) Starting at: USD1.80 . A delicate sunflower that contrasts well with other varieties in a mixed border. Exclusive to Diggers. Container plant combinations for a sunny spot. It bears huge single 22” flower head on strong plants to 10ft. Most Black Sunflower Seed sold for bird food is sorted to a 98% level of purity, our's is sorted to 99% to reduce but eliminate the stalk and other impurities. They germinate in 24 hours in heat and can reach 18ft tall in 9 months of growth, but more likely 6ft to 8ft in a UK Summer. Developing plants to 1 metre tall show a definite multi-colour appearance as leaves mature. Please note that the 25kg sacks of Black Sunflower Seeds are delivered as 2x 12.55kg sacks. 10 pcs Mini Sunflower Bonsai Seeds Plants Flower Color For Indoor Rare Home. Best grown as an annual. To create online store ShopFactory eCommerce software was used. Petunia Ultra Crimson Star was the first variety ever to receive an All America Selection Bedding Plant Award. It is not so tall as the pink at 5ft but with huge clusters of 3” long tubular flowers and a lovely companion to the pink. Select from cherry, apple, pear and plum bare-root trees. A lovely cultivated variety that flowers for most of the summer An easy-to-grow bedding plant 50cm to 80cm, it forms bushy plants bearing lovely chocolate-centred, silvery-yellow, Hibiscus type 2" flowers. Try toasting the seed kernels for a quick snack. Traditional and unusual varieties to bring an exotic dimension to your summer planting. The 5' plants produce multiple heads suitable for cutting, or just admiring at the back of a border. 2.5" to 3" blooms on compact 16" tall plants. Capable of growing 3 to 5 feet tall, the plants are embellished with 8- to 12-inch flower spikes. RARE Dwarf Punica Pomegranate Bonsai Tree 10x Viable Seeds - UK Seller. The original seed source came from a 25ft record height sunflower. When growing sunflowers, don’t forget to leave a few flower heads in the garden for wildlife. Add to Wishlist + Quick View. Ginger Lilies. I just love these plants for summer bedding and especially mixed with tropical plants like Canna and Banana plants. Available in a mixture of scarlet, yellow, gold and maroon with bi-colour markings. Sunflower seeds are a tasty snack, packed with healthy fats and nutrients. What more do you need? Sunflowers make marvellous cut flowers. Trumpet-shaped blooms are true to their name of Four-O-Clocks and open in late afternoon to release a soft, pleasing fragrance. Having a reputation for not being the easiest plants to grow here in the UK your best to grow them under cover greenhouse or a polytunnel. In general, a sunflower is cultivated as a producer of food, where each sunflower can produce about 1000 seeds. ZINNIA THUMBELINA DWARF MIX Zinnia Elegans - 1,000 Bulk Seeds. A dainty plant that outclasses other sunflowers, with late cheerful yellow flowers from september to november, providing inviting autumn colour. An excellent strain of solid stems and fully double flowers to 120cm. With a rich range of colours in yellow orange and red this easy to grow plant is much more compact than other nasturtiums so it can be grown in containers and flower beds without taking over its neighbours. Nicotiana Perfumed Series Mixed has a fabulous fragrance plus large free flowering summer-long blooms, a flowering tobacco that has it all, 6 bright colours including purple on neat little plants just 20” tall and 12” wide! It makes an easy to grow, border plant with decorative snow-white lacy blooms which resemble lace-cap hydrangeas These appear throughout the summer above the fine, fern-like foliage. Helianthus Grey Stripe sunflower grown for shear size maybe to 16ft with massive 18” wide flower heads. The outer flowers of ‘Shock-o-Lat’ are an intense chocolate brown with a golden-yellow fringe, so they’re especially striking. As with 'Purple Majesty,' young 'Purple Baron' plants are green. Our web site requires the use of cookies in order to function correctly.If you continue to use our site we will assume you will allow us to do this.Click Here to find out more about how we use cookies. Sunfower Harlequin Mixed is a very striking, branching variety with large, bicoloured flowers in rich shades of yellow, orange, brown and rose-pink, the latter being very unusual colour in sunflowers. Plants are low-growing spreaders with thick succulent stems and vibrant, cup-shaped flowers. Grows to about 70cm. Helianthus Red Sun is an easy to grow Sunflower, with its dark red to maroon flowers with dark centres.This variety is brilliant for back of borders and also makes a beautiful cut flower. Most of the ones included here are annuals but some are perennials  best grown as annuals in our climate. Our selection of annuals including cottage garden and tropical species that can be grown from seed for spectacular summer displays. These need to be spaced 2 feet apart and well fertilized. Nicandra physalodes - a fast-growing bushy plant reaching a height of 3ft to 4ft. It’s almost mind-boggling. Sunflower Seeds Are A Rich Source of Protein. We offer multiple quantity discounts on all product lines, so the more you buy, the more you save. Produces flower spikes at the end of the season if sown early. An easy to grow and free-flowering annual, it's a treat for the front of a sunny border, cut flower or wildlife garden. Portulaca Extra Double Mix is an excellent mixture of many bright colours in double form. Hibiscus acetosella Red Shield - a specimen flowering shrub from tropical Africa to 5ft with striking burgundy/black maple like foliage. One of the most unique giant varieties on the market and the first heavily branched, multi-headed plant. Home > Flower Seeds. From September onwards the curving fishing rod stems are spectacularly draped in long pink tassels. A Wedding in a Teacup original design, these charming and unusual seed packets make a unique and special gift. or Best Offer. Keep them well watered and provide them with a boost of tomato feed just before flowering. Turn your garden, yard, and dinner table into the prettiest scene with these unique and rare seeds to grow pink sunflowers, rainbow carrots, purple cauliflower, and more.

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