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Our biggest challenge was transferring all our research reports into the UXR Insights repository. For more insight on how to refine a great UX research portfolio, check out How to Wow Me With Your UX Research Portfolio and How to Create a Powerful Case Study for Your UX Portfolio. That holistic view of the feedback we are getting and the research we are doing is crucial for prioritization and collaboration. Susan Farrell published a solid UX Research cheat sheet for the Nielsen Norman Group in 2017. Users collect tiny bits of information. Open issues and epics indicate that the research study is still in progress and the UX researcher and/or UX/product designer is still adding insights to the repository. TRY FREE FOR 30 DAYS Don't take our word for it, hear what UX, research, product, marketing and copywriting people who do research every day have to say about Aurelius A nugget is a combination of an observation (something we learned), evidence (an … We use these insights to inform and strengthen product and design decisions. We use labels to tag and organize insights. This worked well for a little while, but then the cracks started to show. But you also know that your fledgling research repository will only become (or remain) effective if your team understands its power - and wields it effectively. We’re also experimenting with using the UXR Insights repository for quantitative forms of research, such as surveys. This might include notes from customer calls and visits, videos of user sessions, customer feedback and forum posts, and full unfiltered survey responses. Each insight is supported with evidence, typically in the form of a video clip or statistical data. This is our first iteration of the UXR Insights repository. Glean.ly is unique in allowing you to gather evidence from across your organisation. Meet the UX Research Database. The importance of user research Instead of reports, we use issues to document key findings from research studies. You may be wondering why we reverted to issues, given the problems of a couple of years ago. Make connections and extract further insights by looking out across the research that's already out there. What are the challenges of a UX research system? Find insights you can trust with visibility into the what and why behind the research. Empower your team to dive into research insights backed by evidence. Unlike in a report, insights are continually added. It helps to organize what you know about your users by splitting information up into small units. We call the smallest possible units of research insights “nuggets” or just “facts”. Forming the solid foundation of the customer insights repository is the raw customer research data. Good insights have longevity. If something requires their attention, they want it in an issue. New research can support or disprove existing insights. The UXR Insights repository is within the GitLab.org group, meaning that product managers who create issue boards at a group level to manage their workflow can simply add an insight to their board when they are ready to act on it. ... Sign up for GitLab’s twice-monthly newsletter to explore upcoming webcasts, how-to blogs, and stay up-to-date on exciting new features released every month. Dividing Content Into Nuggets/Facts. UX research reports were not small; they often contained many insights. I joined GitLab around two and a half years ago. “With our strategy to scale UX research, the first step was finding a proper tool to make all insights and research searchable in one place. Our research repository provides easy access to essential insights for everyone in your organization, all in one place. You may be wondering why we reverted to issues, given the problems of a couple of years ago. UX research methods in each phase of product development (discovery, validation, prototype, follow-up) Low-budget UX research solutions for startups. Reduce time to find research with consistent documentation and speed up onboarding of new team members. Instead of reports, we use issues to document key findings from research studies. We want everyone to be able to conduct research effectively and to be able to accurately add their findings to the insights repository. The UX Research team are not gatekeepers to research. GitLab is more than just source code management or CI/CD. It is a full software development lifecycle & DevOps tool in a single application. GitLab’s issue functionality has improved immensely since then. We expect improvements will be required along the way, and the UX team is planning to review how the repository is working after 90 days. This Checklist will help you understand the most important aspects you need to consider when implementing an effective UX research repository. Each survey insight focuses on a key theme/question (for example: mobile usage) and is supported by data derived from the survey results. The UXR Insights repository is the new single source of truth for all user insights discovered by GitLab’s UX researchers and UX/product designers. UX research is the process of figuring out how a product or service will work in the real world. Analyze qualitative data Collect and analyze your research data, highlight important user quotes, spot patterns, discover new themes, link facts to insights, easily transcribe audio/video recordings, and more. It was difficult to structure and share data in a clear and concise way. Observing the User Experience, Second Edition: A Practitioner’s Guide to User Research. Atomic UX Research is a method for making UX knowledge management easier. I read (lots) of articles on Atomic Research and realized we could use a similar approach for managing our insights. Insights are behaviour and attitudes that are true beyond a single product or solution. At Handrail, we not only store research. UX Research Welcome to Taxopalooza! It’s like baking a cake from scratch. I’d hunt out issues in the GitLab CE project where I felt I could add value. Tags Key Insights, Research Ops, Researchops, User Research, User Research Repository, Ux Nuggets, Ux Research Create Company Wide Empathy with a User Research Repository Creating insights to share and act on is the most important work you do as a UX or user research professional. I had a vague idea of what was in my own reports, but I didn't know where to start with reports produced by other UX researchers. We had success by creating a dedicated repository for UX Research requests and then using checklists within issues to track my progress against each request. Checking insights in our research system. Our living repository means insights are no longer stuck in a moment in time. Learn about the vision behind Microsoft’s research repository, HITS, and how we designed it. Insights can be … For example: We’re conducting some usability testing. Handrail combines powerful, collaborative workflows for consistent and repeatable execution of user research with a research repository that streamlines management of research and insights across your organization. Insights are backed up by multiple data points, quotes, observations from multiple research activities. Just one insight could lead to multiple, iterative changes to the user interface. Plan, collect, analyze, and share user research in a centralized, searchable repository. The GitLab CE project contains more than 50,000 issues, so trying to find and action an insight was like trying to find a needle in a haystack. We never envisioned moving our research to an insights repository when we originally wrote and formatted our reports. Show how your findings impact upon your company’s bottom line, and visualise the results in an interactive dashboard. Four out of the five users we tested with experienced the same problem. Build a searchable and shareable repository of UX knowledge. Closed issues and epics indicate that the research study is finished. This allows anyone to quickly search and filter through issues to find the insights they need. Building a customer insights repository Everybody should be able to find research swiftly and easily without needing a researcher to find it for them. One of our values is iteration: We do the smallest thing possible and get it out as quickly as possible. The Ultimate User Research Repository Checklist 2.0 Helping your team to store, organize and share research findings and insights shouldn’t be complicated. Primary research is the type you do yourself. We decided to keep our insights separate from the GitLab CE and EE projects, which is where our Product and UX/Product Design teams typically work. The atomic unit of a research insight in Polaris is called a nugget. Our insights are the smallest, meaningful morsel of information that we gleaned from user research. Give your entire organization access to insights. In these interviews, I learned reports weren’t working for our product managers either. You know that a research repository will set your team up to find and share research more easily and to stop insights from falling through the cracks. Actionable insight combines domain knowledge, business … As the Product and UX/Product Design teams grew, so did the demand for UX research. Good quality insights are backed up by evidence. A second challenge is training new and existing members of the UX department how to use the insights repository.

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